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For over 10 years now, Dance music has been engrained into the fabric of JR’s daily routine. From the dance floors of Pacha and Webster Hall in NYC, he began his exploration into the unknown. For years, kick drums, claps and filthy drops filled the void until he decided he wanted something more than just the party. Enthralled with Dance music and it’s history, he has set out to not only recollect on the path that led us to where we are in Dance music today, but push the envelope for years to come. In mid-2017, he joined Nick and Jason on the OCTIV Entertainment team and took on responsibilities in marketing and promotion, team volunteer activities, as well as day-to-day and event operations. It was through this role that gave him a much deeper understanding of what happens in the Dance music industry beyond the music. Today, he prides himself on being as multi-faceted as possible behind the scenes while also finding time to DJ at his Saturday brunch residency at Sunbar in Tempe and produce music.

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