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4 Artists To See When Planning Your Escape Halloween

Article by: Chris Savoie

Credit: Insomniac Events

Spooky season is here ladies and gentlemen and that means it is finally time for this year’s biggest Halloween event — Escape Halloween 2022 is this weekend! Here are four artists early in the day to start your Escape off right.

The first artist recommendation to check out on Day 1 is the drum and bass artist Skellytn. She is the first female ever to release a DnB album in North America, Nuerocomputer, which charted at #5 on Beatport’s DnB Top 100. She is set to play at the Feeding Grounds at 4pm, so get through security when the gates open to make your way there. Check out some of her top songs: “Atonement,” “Disassociate” and “Oracle Protocol.”

Another awesome Day 1 artist to hear is coming to us from Phoenix, AZ — the night bass juggernaut Blossom gets to take over the main stage, The Grimm, at 5pm. She has been improving every year, sharing the stage with legends like AC Slater, Dr. Fresch and Kill the Noise. She’s played festivals across the country for years so if you haven’t seen her yet, you owe it to yourself to get out there to see her on the main stage. This set is guaranteed to get you dancing to start the day off right. Check out some of her hit songs: “Surreal,” “What They Say” and “Here For You.”

For Day 2, this next artist is a SoCal native dropping sick trap and bass vibes, FrostTop. His trap sound has caught the ears of DJs like RL Grime and Skrillex, and FrostTop’s “Acrylics” remix is a certified banger. He gets things started at 4pm at the Feeding Grounds. Here are a couple of songs to get you hyped: “Dream State,” “Momenta” and “Angels Landing.”

Another Day 2 artist to plan to see is playing at the Sanitarium stage at 5:15pm — it’s Honeyluv and her playful tech house vibes. Playing her first festival, Desert Hearts, in 2022, she has been bringing the sounds to get crowds to move their bodies and shake their asses. Check out her tracks: “365,” “Your Tongue” and “PAIN.”

The gates open in just a few hours, so remember to get to the festival early, drink plenty of water, eat some tasty food and most of all, have fun! Experience all that Escape Halloween has to offer and explore the full festival grounds. Check out some new amazing artists that you may not have heard of yet and enjoy the best Halloween party of 2022!

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