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5 Must-See Bass Acts At Summer Camp Music Festival 2022

Article by: Ryan Hood

Summer Camp Music Festival is one of the crown jewels of the jamtronica festival circuit. With one of the most diverse lineups year after year, fans of genres spanning from jam and electrofunk to bass and house music will find music to fit their taste. There are a few acts for fans of bass music that are absolute must-sees. Here are five bass music acts you cannot miss at Summer Camp Music Festival in 2022!

A Hundred Drums

Few artists tap into the roots of dubstep better than Denver-based A Hundred Drums. She’s made a name for herself pulling from reggae dub influences for her percussion-driven beats. Her music is uniquely her own, refusing to conform to genre norms as she weaves tales of cultural influence and her personal traveling experiences. Her music is topical and poetic; her EP Enough Is Enough is not only a marvel of music production but also comments on the strife black Americans go through every day. Her live sets are seductive and entrancing as the deep bass captivates audiences. She will be gracing the Illumination stage at 10:00 pm Friday night, then joining Deadbeats label bosses Zeds Dead for afterhours shenanigans in the Red Barn.

Maddy O’Neal

Versatility is the name of the game for Maddy O’Neal. Blending influences of rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, and electro-soul, O’Neal dazzles listeners with outstanding variety and infectious energy. O’Neal is one of the funkiest bass producers out there. With four EPs, a full-length album, and hits like “Zest Please” with CloZee, O’Neal is sure to get your feet moving and head bobbing. She will be playing the Starshine Stage at 9:30 pm Sunday.

Moore Kismet

Moore Kismet is a firecracker; a non-binary 17-year-old producer who was making waves in the industry before taking their SAT. Color bass has taken the scene by storm in the last few years with Kismet leading the charge. Color bass is heavy dubstep where the bass patches occupy much higher frequencies than traditional brostep. They’re set for a massive summer featuring stops at EDC and Bonnaroo, among others. Kismet’s energy both in production and on-stage is infectious as fans can’t help but bounce along with the beat. They will be playing the Illumination Stage at 11:00 pm Saturday.


Massive bass and chopped-up vocals are the bread and butter for underground heavyweight Ravenscoon. He’s found success with recent Wakaan releases Revolve and Inertia, showcasing his production prowess while further exploring his sound. Summer Camp is one of the many stops on his expansive summer touring schedule which features stops at Deep Tropics Fest, Sonic Bloom, Bonnaroo, and more. He’s also started a mix series that features artists from a multitude of genres, all of which have a profound impact on the Ravenscoon project. Make sure you stay up for his set at 2:00 am Sunday at the Illumination Stage.


Few artists turn heads like Wreckno, as he’s become an icon in the industry and one of the scene’s most prominent LGBTQ+ artists. He’s also an incredible collaborator, lending his raps and production to a bevy of projects with legends like Liquid Stranger, Conrank, Zeke Beats, and many more. His collab with GRiZ, “Medusa,” became an instant classic before it was even released. The track features empowering lyrics and became an anthem for the gay community. He’s also an enigmatic performer, as his style and persona are uniquely himself. Wreckno turns casuals into lifelong fans instantly. We get a double dose of Wreckno at Summer Camp, with his first set at 11:00 pm Sunday on the Illumination Stage, followed by a more intimate experience at the Red Barn.

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