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5 Undercard Artists You CAN NOT Miss At Electric Forest

Article by: Ryan Hood

The pandemic ravaged the live music scene, as both festivals and venues alike faced unparalleled strife amid closures, cancellations, and labor shortages. Many festivals came roaring back in 2021, but some like Electric Forest were forced to push their comebacks to 2022. For Forest attendees, the wait will be more than worth it as the festival has an incredibly deep and diverse lineup of today’s best artists across myriad genres. For those looking for the full Electric Forest music experience, the undercard is chock-full of insanely talented musicians on the rise. Here are five undercard artists on the Electric Forest lineup you CAN NOT miss!


Khiva has risen to prominence as one of the queens of dubstep. Employing a deep, entrancing sound, Khiva made a name for herself with prominent releases on Truth’s 140-focused label Deep, Dark, and Dangerous. Her unique vocal stylings are the perfect complement to her beats. Her two newest singles have both been released on her own imprint Dark Dream Records, and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the talented producer.

Lab Group

The brainchild of Supertask, potions, and Charlesthefirst, Lab Group has taken the bass scene by storm. Its debut LP Lab Group I features collaborations with Tiedye Ky, Tsuruda, and Player Dave, and it is one of the most forward-thinking bass music albums in recent memory. The group is currently in the studio recording music it’s set to debut at Forest and other festivals this summer. Following Charles’ passing in December 2021, Supertask and Potions set out on a massive tour in his honor, including a stop at Okeechobee Music Festival as well as a separate memorial tribute set. Charles’ name has remained prominent on the Electric Forest lineup since his passing, and while specifics have not been confirmed, we can hope there will be a tribute set in his honor there as well.


Few artists have made waves in the past few years like MIZE. The Alabama-born producer burst onto the scene with impressive mixtapes such as Thought Process, Refraction, and Flowstate. His blend of signature distorted bass and chopped-up acapellas sends dancefloors into a frenzy, and his energy on stage is infectious. He recently wrapped up a tour supporting Wakaan label boss Liquid Stranger and will be gracing the stage at festivals such as Elements, Global Dance, and Freaky Deaky later this year. His set at Forest will be one for the ages as he throws down massive bass tracks.


American 140 is on the rise. Up-and-coming producers are tapping into the classic dubstep sound straight from the streets of London while adding their flare and new-age sound design. NotLö is among those leading the charge as her high-intensity beats demolish festival and club sound systems alike. Her latest EP Outskirts shows her incredible range while highlighting her sound design prowess. She’s also made appearances on Deep, Dark, and Dangerous as well as a two-track EP on Wakaan. She teased a special renegade set featuring ambient beats and liquid drum and bass — I’m not sure which of her sets I am more excited for!


Smoakland is a group of bass music musicians with a serious attitude. Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, the duo is influenced by the rich culture in the area. With heavy hip-hop influence, Anthony and Harry’s tunes deliver incredible energy. The duo employs massive distorted bass sounds for its leads, harkening back to old-school dubstep in the United States. Smoakland found success through collaborative EPs with Mersiv and SuperAve. as well as Modern Throwback, the duo’s debut LP. Rumors are swirling about a special Liquid Smoak renegade set where fans can expect Smoakland to dial back the energy and bless the crowd with soulful liquid drum and bass deep into the night.

While Electric Forest’s charm runs far beyond its lineup, there is certainly a breath of fresh talent on this year’s lineup for fans to experience. Keep up with the latest from Electric Forest using the links below and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat and Moon Tvnes From Outer Space playlists on Spotify for all of this week’s freshest beats.

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