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9 female DJs to checkout at Lost Lands - Part 1

Written By: Adiel Cantu


Before I start off with anything I just want to say upon researching and listening to these producers I've learned that we as a whole take music listening for granted. We always listen to the big names and what's most popular and in the now. When we should be supporting our local DJs and vocalists by putting them up on the stage and bringing the light out on them so they can show the world what is in store for them. So to get things started here are 4 of the 9 female DJs in this two-part article you must see at Lost Lands 2019.


Vampa, aka Emily Mucha is a 21 year female Bass DJ and producer based out of Chicago. Having discovered her love for EDM in college she began to mesmerize her hometown with her songwriting and vocals in her amazing bass music. She has released on BTSM’s Kannibaleen Records, Boogie T's Drama Club Recordings, Big Beat Records and Zeds Dead's Deadbeats. This lovely lady definitely knows how to show what it takes to land it in big with the boys!

Landing quite a few festivals already this year, Vampa played at Ultra Music Festival, Electric Forest as a secret set, Big Dub, Moonrise, Dancefestopia, and Wobbleland. If you miss Vampa playing at Lost Lands this year you can catch her at, Nocturnal Wonderland, Imagine, Life is Beautiful, Gold Rush, Wakaan, Hulaween, Escape, Voodoo, Boo!, Freaky Deaky, and Supernatural for your Halloween fix, EDCO, DreamState in SoCal, and Decadence AZ and CO for New years.

Talk about a busy schedule for this little vampire. Releasing her new tracks “Haunting” and “Resurrection” with Deadbeats this girl definitely has something cooking for all of us this coming year. Her music style is somewhat of a dark and deep bass that reminds me of Drezo. I love how her music has a gypsy flare to it and how well she mixes the bass in with it. She will definitely put a spell on you and have you dancing and grooving to her music all night long! Don't miss this child of the night at Lost Lands.


Lucii, better known as "Lucii the Alien," aka Emily Rose is a spacebass and dubstep producer based out of Orlando. Her first album Abduction is out now along with her single Neptune where she did her own vocals on the track. Her music style when I first heard it reminded me a lot of Space Jesus songs, but I think her music was just a little bit more spacey and had me craving for more of her out of this world tunes. Having just signed a label with Wakaan records and being the 1st female DJ/producer to sign a label with Wakaan is definitely an inspiration to all other female DJs out there that they can reach for the stars like this alien did.

She will be touring along side with Liquid Stranger this year to all of his show. Giving her the support she needs where she'll be able to make a name for herself in the short time that she's been signed with Wakann. Having attended Ubbi Dubbi in Texas, Moonrise in Baltimore, Bass Canyon in Washington and Dancefestopia. She will also be going to Wakann, Daybreak and Freaky Deaky this year. If your going to any of these events please check out this little alien because she will abduct you and take you to another world with here wubs and dubs!


Wenzday aka Taylor Chung is a female Dj music producer and classically trained vocalist that makes bass house music based out of the Bay Area but calling Los Angeles her home now. She started playing sets at nightclubs and was the youngest to play at the Playboy mansion. Leveling up on her turntable skills she attended ICON Collective and graduated with flying colors. Not only is this talented artist as a DJ, she is also the cofounder of a clothing brand/label that her brother and best friend put together (Dack Janiels and Hami) 40oz Cult!

She's also a part of hosting a weekly radio show on DASH1 Radio where she plays some of her own tunes and her fellow producers peers. She was at Beyond Wonderland and attending HARDSummer when her brother let her go B2B with him and Dubloadz! She will be attending Nocturne Wonderland as well as Lost Lands this fall. Wenzday also released a single with Insomniac and IN/Rotation Featuring Kevin Flum as the singer. Heartbreak House is definitely something else. Guys I'm telling you all the songs slap! If your a big fan of bass house as I am then don't miss the gal at Lost Lands where I'm sure she'll have the crowd moving and grooving to the beat! Because "Everyday is Wednesday!"


Akylla is a female duo DJ, Sherry St.Germain and Saratonin, Sherry being the vocal artist and music producer and Sara being the DJ are from Winnipeg, Canada. These frosty talented snow queens have been featured and collaborated with many big name Djs like Steve Aoki, Snails, NGHTMRE, Zeds Dead, and Excision! Songs that I know all of us have heard, but we just didn't realize that this duo of singing, piano key playing, and electric drumming were in. To name one I know all of you have heard at least a hundred times over, Drowning by Excision. Their latest track that dropped this July, Don't tame your heart, was featured on Trap Nation in their top 5 on Spotify! I honestly can't wait to hear more of their music.

These ladies know what is up! Performing at Tomorrowland, Shambhala, Kaboo, Burning Man, and Bass Canyon these ladies are climbing their way to the top real quick with their next best festival at Lost Lands this year. Listening to their music will get you in your feels, have you in tears, while wanting to head-bang and stomp the ground all at the same time. Better believe that I'll be showing these ladies the support that they deserve. I hope to be able to see them at a festival next year, but to those who did see them at Bass Canyon and who are seeing them at Lost Lands, show them the love that they deserve because it's what everyone deserves right now!

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