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9 Female DJs to Checkout at Lost Lands - Part 2

Written By: Adiel Cantu

Part 2 of 9 females to see at Lost Lands is here!

I have to tell doing my research on these amazing female artists was not an easy task. A lot of them are so brand new that there is very little on them out there, but with everything I've found and listening to their music, it will definitely be worth your time to read about these amazing people. So whatever you guys do please listen to their sets while your roaming around the land of the dinosaurs!

Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream aka Caroline Cecil is a 24 year old female DJ from Vancouver but is currently residing in Los Angeles. Producing a dark bass style and hip hop infused mix of music that will have you in a whole new realm of music. Getting down to some heavy bass and bobbing your head to some tasteful tunes Whipped Cream will take you to another plain of existence. Caroline has been climbing her way up on the producing stage and showing everyone what she can do for the past few years and it has paid off with her amazing ability to shine.

She was introduced to the world of EDM in 2012 being a competitive figure skater, dancing and do her routines to this music with the words of some of the songs cut out. She didn't know what she was getting into until her first show a few years later after she broke her ankle and couldn't skate anymore. Stepping into a world of lights and sounds with funny looking people dressed up, face full of glitter walking up to the stage of Nero hearing the bass drop was an experience Whipped Cream will never forget and what brought her behind the turntables.

Performing at festivals like EDC Las Vegas, EDC Mexico, Electric Forest, and Tomorrowland it's no wonder this sweet lady is getting the support she needs from the legend Skrillex. Although Whipped Cream is young she has some big dreams that she aims to help make the world a better place and bring everyone together. This happy go lucky girl has reached the top and is still climbing in hopes of making her dreams come true.

Photo By: Adiel Cantu


A music producer and DJ hailing from Philadelphia is a mystery all on her own. There is little info on this beauty but her bass style of music will put you in a trance and have you coming back for more. Born into a Russian family with a love for classic rock, jazz, and blues music Zía found herself singing and digging deep within herself to find the sound that she was craving to make and call her own.

After finding artist like Bassnectar, Excision, and Skrillex and listening to their tunes she was inspired to dig deeper into the Bass community. Being behind the stage and giving the support these artists needed she felt it was the time to make the leap into the EDM scene. With female DJs breaking it in big now Zía saw that opportunity jumped in feet first never looking back and here she is now.

Playing at small and large venues in Philly opened up the doors festivals like Camp Bisco and Moonrise. Zía has played at Electric Forest, Hard Summer, Big Dub, and Moonrise this year going B2B with her best friend Vampa. Attending Lost Lands and Wakaan this year for the first time this Philly child has crawled her way to the top and is making herself known to the world. Show her the support she deserves and bring the love at her set.


Com3t aka Dani Thorne is a 25 year old electronic DJ and music producer from Florida but currently living in LA. She describes herself as a hippy alien that's down to earth and wants to spread love and show the EDM world that women have what it takes. Known for her colorful hair and clothing, Com3t throws down some fast paced and interesting tracks. She has a style all her own that will have you jumping around and swinging your hair back and forth to the beat trying to catch your breath craving for more.

Dani goes under the alter ego of Com3t when she is doing solo gigs, but is a part of a duo, Master of the People, with her life partner and lover, Dylen Jetson! (So freaking adorable) Dani first started raving at 17 and met her boyfriend of 6 years at a festival where it was love at first sight. With their love of EDM they both had a dream of making music and changing the world. They sought out to make it happen and here she is now performing with the person she loves and doing her own thing on the side to express her own creative colorful way of music style.

Com3t performed at Lost Lands last year and as Master of the People at EDC Las Vegas in 2017 where she states, "Performing at EDC is a ravers dream come true!" Her dream venue to perform at is Ultra Miami and hopefully she will be on the stage on day to show everyone around the world her amazing attitude for music. Having support from not only her boyfriend but her sister Bella Thorne and her boyfriend. Her sister helped her with her music video Habit and has been by her side ever since. Sisterly love at its finest! Catch this Com3t at Lost Lands crash landing on stage and throwing up stardust tunes in the crowd with her colorful whips of hair.

Fancy Monster

Not a lot is known of this brother sister duo. Fancy Monster aka Alix and Eden. Born in New York but currently residing in Los Angeles their bass style of music is a tune all on it's own with the sound combination of cinematics and acoustic elements that will bring you back to your childhood memories of video games and Saturday morning cartoons.

Listening to their music reminds of Porter Robinson and brings back all the feelings I had with my friend Maria when I was first introduced to him, reminding me of my love for music and how happy it makes me feel. Definitely some tear jerker songs with a surprise hit of some foot stompin bass drops. Fancy Monster's beautifully crafted style of future bass and glitch melody will definitely have you wanting more.

They were at Bass Canyon this year and also having played at Lost Lands 2018 soundcamps it's no wonder Jeff is bringing them back for the world to see. This brother and sister duo will be gracing y'all with their breathtaking music that will surely take you on an adventure like no other into a wonderful world of fairies and dreams you've only had while you sleep!


Kalipzo a Los Angeles music producer and DJ has been rocking the underground bass house scene for the past year and I'm just hearing about her now! What have I been doing with myself? Kalipzo describes herself as hippy at heart and wants to make everyone feel accepted and loved no matter who they are. That is her music career goal in life as a proud supporter of the LGBT community she believes that music will save the world.

Kalipzo came into the rave scene at the ripe age of 14 and started producing music at the age of 16. She had sought out to become a dubstep DJ, but it wasn't until 2017 that she became a member of the Low Freqs crew. Where she has performed with some heavy hitters like Feed Me and Wolfgang Gartner. Slowly finding her love for bass house this was the dream she had sought out for and it was coming true right in front of her!

You'll see her busting out some clean shuffling moves on stage in between transitions of her hard hitting vibing sets. Her biggest hit, I like cake, is such a great song you can feel all the energy she poured into making it. Throwing out some dark and groovy to bright and hyped tracks her music will have you shuffling the night away. This Caribbean little pirate has what it takes in the bass house scene. Give her all the love and support she deserves to make it to the top!