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A Match Made In Heaven: Speaker Honey & VVVIRTU Join Forces On "We Belong Together"

Article by: Greyson Brown

Breakout artist Speaker Honey, alongside hypnotic vocalist VVVIRTU, entrenches our senses into the groove and orchestrates a transfixing beat to generate tantalizing soundwaves with the recent banger "We Belong Together." Speaker Honey’s underground techno flow can be described simply as invigorating; the energy generated by her music has the power to shift the dancefloor dynamic and draw listeners closer to the DJ table.

As soon as the records starts, the enthralling techno beat commands your attention, which is then promptly met with the harmonious vocals. At this point in the song, you may have the urge to get up and groove, but as the tempo gathers pace I doubt you’ll be able to stay sitting down. Mid-way through the song, we hear the serene and clean vocals shine through, along with a phenomenal beat build leading to a subtle yet effective drop. This new track is ready for transmission from the speakers to the soul; listen to this track using the player below and keep up to date with the artists using the links provided.

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