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aiwake & Saen. Muster Melodic Masterpiece “Faded Patterns”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Diving into a soft serene soundscape, aiwake and Saen. join forces to produce their melodic masterpiece “Faded Patterns,” out now through Level Music. “Faded Patterns” serves as a sneak peak to their upcoming collaborative #99000a EP. 

“Faded Patterns” ropes listeners into its timeless soundscape with dreamy vocals, infused with a fresh pop feel. Meanwhile, intricate synthwork slowly mixes in to add an exquisite kick to this shimmering gem. aiwake and Saen. dedicated this touching composition to fleeting emotions and impetuous longing, aiming for this track to become the eye into an honest soul. 

Connect with aiwake and Saen. on social media to keep up with updates regarding their upcoming #99000a EP. 

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