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Akeos Releases Hard Hitting Material EP on Never Say Die

Article by: Austin Childers

Recognized as one of the underground leaders of the pack in today’s dubstep/riddim scene, Akeos has released yet another bombshell of an EP, Material, on Never Say Die Records.

Akeos, starting their career in the music industry at a mere age of 12, has been on the rise in curating new sound designs and formulating fresh mixes with DubHub, Beatport, and Never Say Die Records. Akeos has also been on various features, guest appearances, and remixes for big tunes in the EDM realm.

Material will be Akeos’s third EP released on Never Say Die Records. Embedded in Material, Akeos illustrates uniqueness within their sound by remaining loyal to their use of hard hitting snares, robotic noises, and heart pounding bass.

Akeos first opens up the EP with “Soul Material,” a track that will absolutely knock your socks off out of nowhere. The start of a calm buildup quickly transitions into a bang of an impact from this track. In the second song, “Blood Material,” Akeos focuses more on a higher pitched synth wave pattern, utilizing different octaves of sound. They also add in some twists and turns to this rollercoaster of a song by throwing in some reverbed snare hits comparable to the exact ones that Hukae uses in most of his tunes.

“Fiberoptic” brings out the original and genuine Akeos noise that their followers admire and appreciate most. For me, it categorizes well with most of their tunes that brings the edgy and sharp feels which mostly correlate with their Insomnia EP, a 2020 release off of Never Say Die Records. They then wrap up this EP with “Health Material.” This track starts off by giving us a festival vibe, installing the mainstage progressive notes and chords, which adjusts into the hefty snare kicks and massive drum claps. Throughout the song they add light background screams for a more effective and full resonation.

Akeos remains as one of EDM’s top producers to bring the underground sound out into a vibrant light that is shined on throughout the entire EDM community. With the addition of Material, Akeos does not disappoint to stay true to their natural sound design and creative mixing efforts keeping this new EP ahead of the curve. We’re all excited to see what’s in store for the rest of 2021 and the years to follow!

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