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ALAFLOW Administers Shots of Dopamine with New EP

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Picture this: you’re in the club and you find yourself dancing with a few of your friends to a couple of new house tracks. You’re thinking to yourself “where can I find these songs, and who is the artist?” Well, ALAFLOW has just dropped a two-track EP that fits this description with the songs “Mirage” and “Dopamine,” both released via Box of Cats.

ALAFLOW has worked with Kyle Watson through his Patreon page, and Watson has helped guide their sound to where it is today. The group released songs through Box of Cats in their last two Litterbox Compilations: “Shake ‘n Break” on Litterbox 08, and “Lucid” on Litterbox 09. Now, ALAFLOW is transitioning to an EP of their own.

Starting off the EP is the A-side track “Mirage.” This track takes flight with a mysterious feel, leading off with a deep bassline and a slight jingle of what sounds like a music box scattered throughout the track. Hannah Olsen’s mystifying vocals then flow onto the song into the heavy drop.

Continuing on to the B-side track of the EP is “Dopamine." This song starts off with an upbeat feel, but then gradually brings you back down into the depths with warping synthlines that make the track feel like it’s moving from side to side. ALAFLOW makes the dark bassline surround the repetitive mischievous vocals repeating the word “Dopamine.”

With their day one goal of working with Box Of Cats to release their own EP coming to fruition, ALAFLOW is making their mark within the tech-house scene. Be sure to check out their two-track EP and all of their other work through the links below. And look for “Mirage” and “Dopamine” in our New Music Friday playlist updated weekly on Spotify!


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