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All We Needed was some Nora En Pure

Story by: Matt Garcia

Nora En Pure released her latest single “All I Need” this past #NewMusicFriday. The South African artist garnered a lot of hype for her newest creation, taking part in a plethora of published articles and updating her fans on social media. Notably, this is the first song the accomplished producer has released since the start of the entertainment shutdown.

The track possesses a graceful deep house feel, opening with a very light piano melody and deep bass all under vocal samples, allowing the percussion to cue in with it. The track contains the same melodious sound throughout, creating a feel good track focusing on what people need to feel right now - Love. The track loops back around full circle, closing with the same piano and vocals as the opening.

The release of “All I Need” was also accompanied by an extended mix. The seven minute mix features a more prominent percussion line from beginning to end. This track goes to and from the original sound and the more upbeat dance vibe.

This track featured in her latest outing at the CRSSD fest in San Diego last March. One can catch a fresh set from Nora En Pure this weekend, as she is slated to play at the Purified stage for the upcoming Electric Blockaloo Minecraft Festival on June 25.

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