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ARIUS and My Bad Might Have Just Saved 2020 With This Soul Piercing Track “Crazy For Falling”

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

In a year that has been murked with gloomy and dark moments, the always shining ARIUS, My Bad, and Isaiah Brown just dropped one of the biggest vibes of 2020 on Create Music Group with “Crazy For Falling.”

Dance Music’s favorite husband and wife duo are well known for being approachable artists who can always be found chilling in the crowd with fans (pre-COVID of course). This song undoubtedly represents the journey of falling in love, a place that most of us have been and can relate with.

What is even more evident in this partnership is the bond that the two of them share openly with their fans on social media making them one of the fun couples to follow. Those who have been following the couple for the past few years have really seen the progression of their unique musical sound along the way.

Well-known for blending a mix of filthy bass and hip-hop, ARIUS takes a different angle on this future bass inspired hit. The moment you hit play on this track it captivates the listener while masterfully progressing the vocals as the song builds into the drop.

ARIUS says that “Love can make us crazy - whether you’re falling in love or are already in love,” and this heartfelt masterpiece really portrays that through the gracious vocals and songwriting of Isaiah Brown.

This number is led by an absolutely sultry and iconic guitar riff at the drop that hits at the core of your soul. The guitar riff in this track was led by the help of both Matt of ARIUS and GhostDigi, which at the drop brings this smooth and luring production to a complete and whole groove.

Look out for the continued development of ARIUS's sound, and be sure to stay connected with them, My Bad, and Isaiah Brown by their pages below.


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