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ARIUS Blazes New Trail with "Love is a Killa"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Internet stars and power couple producers ARIUS are back with their latest release “Love is a Killa,” a bold step in a new direction for the duo. Normally focused on more bass heavy tracks, “Love is a Killa” features dazzling vocals and lyrics from Dani Poppitt, and a radio friendly feel. Having amassed years of experience with instruments, launchpads, and production suites, ARIUS are able to successfully blend their sound across multiple genres.

“Love is a Killa” is a picturesque future house track, which immediately demands attention with a tropical guitar riff. Dani’s vocals set the scene for the song, and are accentuated by the bouncy bassline when the chorus drops. The second verse swaps out guitar riffs for soothing synths, before returning to the refrain “Love is a Killa.” The track comes full circle, finishing with the calming guitar melody from the start.

“Love is a Killa” marks a successful first project for ARIUS with Create Music Group, and there is more in store from the creative couple, like accompanying drum pad and guitar content. Don’t forget these are the same producers behind the viral fingerbang remix of “Purple Lamborghini,” growing a large worldwide following on the web, so it is no surprise to see them succeed with a new project as they bring their sound to the big house.


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