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Arkangel Delivers Fresh New Lost Angeles EP, a Downtempo Fan’s Fantasy

Article by: Christian Langston

Though a newcomer to the scene, he has the prowess of an artist decades his senior. Arkangel is the project of Aidan Busch, and he is turning heads with his highly anticipated Lost Angeles EP; a four track collection of ethereal sounds and vibrations. With his cinematic influences, he molds these songs into an unrivaled experience.

Lost Angeles opens with the aptly titled “Intro.” A slow burner with plenty of ambiance, it perfectly sets the tone. Over its 1:55 play time, it features sounds one can expect throughout the EP, introducing his airy vocals towards the end.

“Found Love” comes second, opening with drowned vocal chops and a mystifying atmosphere. As his vocals come in, they are supported by an infectious percussion groove that drives the whole track forward. The track is masterfully minimal, putting the vocals and textures on display for its entirety.

The second half of Lost Angeles begins with “Empty Spaces”, the sole collaboration on the EP. Arkangel teams up with Moon Water to deliver an absolute vibe. Along with his mainstay vocals, “Empty Spaces” is characterized by a deep reese bass, a powerful breakbeat, and melodic motifs that appear in both the voices and the instrumental.

The final track, titled “Loyal,” is a tasteful departure from the rest of the collection. Opening with a similar palette to what we’ve heard so far, it becomes a moody buildup that releases into a killer dark garage track. Blending his sound choices with a complete switch up in groove surprises the listener in the best way. Busch’s voice is a perfect match to his sound, and his songwriting offers a unique aspect to this style of music.

Lost Angeles is the perfect blend of the best parts of cinematic sounds, ambient textures, and vocals. The vibe is excellent for a late night drive, or an introspective listening session. Arkangel shows that he is a force to be reckoned with, to only expect the highest quality music moving forward. You can stream Lost Angeles and keep up with Arkangel using these links below, and be sure to check Arkangel and more out on the Moon Lvnding New Music Friday Heat playlist!

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