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Arkangel Presents "Adobe," The First Song From His Upcoming Album On Enhanced Records

Article by: Christian Langston

If you keep up with us, you may recognize the name Arkangel from his 2021 Lost Angeles EP. Since then, he’s leveled up with his brand new single “Adobe,” the first single from his upcoming album with Enhanced Records. “Adobe” is the perfect representation of Arkangel’s sound, pairing live instruments with electronic production in a uniquely calming way.

“Adobe” opens with an atmosphere of nature, showcasing a lonely guitar and a tranquil voice. Cinematic drums enter the mix, building a tension before releasing into the verse. Characterized by the organic sound palette, Arkangel’s vocal takes center stage on top of a cardinal piano. The first climax brings a driving drum groove and an ostinato guitar line before returning to the vocal content.

After descending into a calm, “Adobe” begins to build again with an entrancing arp sound. The apex of the song accentuates this arp over the full drum groove, giving the listener the choice to dance or just vibe. Arkangel brings us home with his familiar guitar line, giving one more vocal performance for the finale.

“Adobe” is by far one of our favorite songs so far this year. The union of organic and electronic sounds is a hallmark of Arkangel’s musical identity, and “Adobe” does this exceedingly well. His ability to inject an energy into such a calming track sets this song apart, giving it the chance to thrive in any environment. Be sure to keep your eyes on Arkangel as he releases his album; it's sure to be any Enhanced Records fans' cup of tea.

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