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ARMNHMR’s Highly Anticipated EP A Thousand Dreams Is Finally Here

Article by: Tanner Thompson

L.A. duo ARMNHMR exploded onto the scene in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. Their new EP, A Thousand Dreams, reminds us they have no limits when it comes to pushing genre boundaries and innovative sound design. Out now on Dim Mak Records, the album explores many aspects of bass music with each track packing its own unique punch.

The first track, “Fragile,” was released as a single on November 6. The song is nothing short of magical and sets the tone of beautiful vocals found throughout the project. You can read my full write up about “Fragile,” published on its release date, here.

Up next is “Somebody To Love,” with KLAXX featuring GLNNA. It’s one of the heavier tracks on the EP, but you’d hardly know it through the intro of melodic lyrics and piano synths. The drop hits with an explosion of heavy dubstep and sharp synths that deserves an audience of head-banging festival-goers on the rails. The song breaks back into the chorus before transitioning to the build for the second drop. The second drop mellows, with a more variable drum beat to wrap up this heater.

“Learn To Love,” with SHSTR featuring SOUNDR, is up next. The track incorporates wavy riffs with its cheerful tone. This song is nothing but vibes and fills the listener with positive energy. This kind of feel-good music is present throughout the EP, despite some lyrics that describe challenges in life and relationships. This song should be playing while driving in your car with the windows rolled down.

The fourth song on the EP is “When I Fall,” with NvrLeft featuring Monika Santucci. This track is another heavy slapper, building up similarly to “Somebody To Love” with soothing vocals into crisp wubs. The drop is full of deep growls and bouncy dubstep waves. The second drop is the best of both worlds, syncing the melodic sounds with the nasty ones.

The next track is “This Is Goodbye,” with Heimanu featuring Azuria Sky. The intro is full of vibrant sounds and lyrics, an audio representation of the album’s cover art. The drop is the same style, but with sharp bass notes incorporated. “This Is Goodbye” is a journey, with loads of potential on Circuit Grounds-esque LED panels.

Wrapping up the project is “Coming Home,” featuring Linney. The track kicks off with an upbeat tempo that matches the rest of the tune. The lyrics paint a picture of healing: let’s leave the past behind us. What better motto to live by as we wrap up a year that’s been cruel to so many. To ARMNHMR, A Thousand Dreams is a way to remind all of us in the community how powerful music can be and that there are always better times ahead.

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