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Arnold & Lane Connect With DIRTYBIRD Via Two Track EP “Dinky Whale”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Continuing their relationship with the DIRTYBIRD label, Arnold & Lane are releasing a two-song tech-house fueled EP titled Dinky Whale. The duo, who have been curating tracks through their love of bass and house music, carry us on a wild trip with their two songs on the EP. The tracks “Dinky Whale” and “That’s House Music” are songs destined for the dance floor.

Both of these tracks pack a funky feel into a tech house vibe. Arnold & Lane start off the EP with title track “Dinky Whale,” which merges together dynamic bass lines, unconventional sound effects, and a violent post-breakdown section, creating a sound that captivates one's imagination. Their second song, “That’s House Music,” builds upon the bass line and central vocal clip at the beginning of the track, and leads into an intricate combination of both heavy low-end and hypnotic synths.

As the duo continues to create head-bobbing house music tracks, Arnold & Lane are starting to find their names on the lists of headliners for upcoming events and festivals. This includes a slot in the upcoming event CampINN from May 14 to 17, 2021. They have also become regulars with AC Slater’s Night Bass fold and have had tracks released through labels like Box of Cats and Dumb Fat.

Stay tuned for this week's #NewMusicFriday playlist from Moon Lvnding to find “Dinky Whale” and other newly released tracks on Spotify! You can connect and listen to Arnold & Lane with the links below.

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