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Artist Interview: Hi I'm Ghost at Nocturnal Wonderland

Interview By: Chris Savoie

Chris: Killer set today man! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. To get things started, could you introduce yourself and talk a little bit about where you came from?

Hi I’m Ghost: I am Nathan Davis, one part of Hi I’m Ghost. Hi I’m Ghost is actually two people, the other guy is Tiago Nunez. He actually lives out in Hawaii, I am doing all the touring nowadays. We’ve been doing our thing for about six years now and have been touring consistently for about five years now. We do our thing and have fun.

C: What has been your favorite festival you’ve played so far?

HIG: Today was a lot of fun. I would say my favorite one that I’ve played recently is, I just played Bass Canyon last month. I played at 8pm so the sun was going down and it got dark 15 – 20 minutes in. It was beautiful, the crowd was great, amazing festival and it was just beautiful out there. The Gorge was such a beautiful place to play at.

C: What is one festival or venue that you want to play that you haven’t yet?

HIG: There’s no festival I really want to play. I really want to play Red Rocks in Denver. That is the #1 place that I want to play. If I was to pick a festival it would be EDC because I haven’t done that yet. But Red Rocks is for sure the top of my bucket list.

C: In terms of Hi I’m Ghost, I know we were introduced to Hi I’m House in April. Can you talk about that project?

HIG: So we did an EP with Bassrush called Graveyard and did a whole tour based on it. We did 20 dates and I opened up every stop with Hi I’m House. Which is just me playing my favorite house and party tracks. We are looking to put out some house stuff that we are making next year.

C: What is your vision for Hi I’m Ghost?

HIG: Our vision for Hi I’m Ghost at the moment is that we have a cool dynamic with Ghost the character and want to make it a little more Victorian, like 1600s and 1700s haunted mansion type theme. I am going to be doing a whole outfit and mask soon.

C: That’s some good marketing right there.

HIG: Yes it is!

C: Something I have always been curious about, where did you come up with the name Hi I’m Ghost?

HIG: So I’ve said this in a couple interviews but I stole it haha. Me and Tiago were really into this game called League of Legends. There was this really popular Twitch streamer called Hi I’m Gosu. When we started out it was just Ghst and we really liked the streamer Hi I’m Gosu and were like Hi I’m Ghost sounds cool. It was really hard starting out because we didn’t know how to introduce ourselves because it was like “Hi I’m Hi I’m Ghost” but ya that’s how we came up with the name. We were Ghst and there was this random video game player Hi I’m Gosu.

C: Does he know you stole it from him?

HIG: Probably not, haha.

C: So “Death Rail” is probably one of the best bass songs to come out in a while and one of the most played.

HIG: Ya that song is huge! It actually came out a while ago in 2019.

C: You can’t go to a dubstep show without hearing it.

HIG: Ya, it is still the song.

C: How do you follow that up?

HIG: Oh fuck. We aren’t trying to beat it by any means, we are just writing what we want to write and hoping one hits like that hit. That song came together very organically. We wrote the drop in 15 minutes and the speech part took a while. It’s cool we have these very cinematic, theatric intros and builds, and it’s something we want to continue doing. But for what we have coming out next, we just put out a song with Vastive [“Hostage”] that we feel is at the same level as that one. We have a bunch of stuff coming out and the releases we put out this year were the most ever.

C: What teasers can you give us?

HIG: I can’t say who but I am going to be on tour starting January. Going to be really cool stuff next year that is haunted theme.

C: Outside of music, what do you like to do?

HIG: Recently I started getting back into World of Warcraft. So now I am playing that all the time. Not much else other than that, making music, touring, working out. I do a lot of walking outside but I am pretty sucked back into WoW at the moment. The video game stuff is nice because it lets you escape and be somewhere else for a bit.

C: Speaking of traveling, where is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to so far?

HIG: Germany, definitely. Germany was beautiful. I got to [see] this beautiful church and the wall with all the locks on it. It was beautiful.

C: Where is somewhere you want to travel to that you haven’t yet?

HIG: Japan for sure. I want to go to Japan really bad.

C: What really drives and inspires you?

HIG: Myself and the fans. Without the fans, we wouldn’t be here ever and we are so lucky to have an incredible, incredible fan base that we have built over the years. They are all super loyal and amazing. Always showing up to our sets and buying the merch. They really push us really hard. And just ourselves always trying not to do better, [but] just keep on doing what we love doing. Then helping make people’s lives better.

C: Who inspired you to get into music?

HIG: I don’t think I can name a single person. My whole family was into music and in a band. They were pianists and drummers. I didn’t get into electronic music until I was 16ish, before that I was into hip-hop and my friends were in bands. I grew up playing bass and piano. Music has always just been a part of my life.

C: Who was the first EDM artist you fell in love with?

HIG: First one I really listened to was Spor which was a drum and bass artist who goes by Feed Me now. That was the first that really stuck with me and listened to. After that, it was Nero and then Skrillex like everyone else.

C: What else would want our readers to know about you?

HIG: Just that for anyone trying [to] do the music thing have fun, have friends, be nice, fuck up and do your thing.

C: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. All the best with your Hi I’m Ghost project!