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ATTLAS and MAYLYN Are Back With Another Melodic Masterpiece

Article by: Kate Nelson

ATTLAS and MAYLYN are back at it again with another shining collaboration. “Into The Arms Of Lovers” evokes an emotional response only these two artists can draw from listeners; it is a true treat and euphoric experience.

Gentle yet passionate, a piano intro leads into a sparkling build. The drop excellently highlights the wonderfully breathy vocals of MAYLYN, wrapping the listener in a sea of sound. The track offers beautifully technical production and demonstrates the best parts of the producer and singer alike. “Into The Arms Of Lovers” is inspiring yet consoling, with lyrics exploring one of the best parts of love; the comfort found in a lover’s arms. Pleasing to listeners of all genres, the song is magically crafted and sure to play on hidden feelings we all have experienced.

“Into The Arms Of Lovers” is the second striking track from the pair, following 2020 hit “Hotel.” ATTLAS is quickly gaining renown for his emotive tunes and uplifting energy, having been recognized by such names as Billboard Dance and DJ Times. His album Lavender God received impeccable praise, and was nominated at the 2021 JUNO Awards for electronic album of the year. The Mau5trap artist is undoubtedly becoming a household name quickly, impressively releasing two albums in 2020, and already several singles in 2021.

Photo by Christina Boemio

Check out the links down below to listen to and connect with ATTLAS and MAYLYN, and be sure to listen to “Into The Arms Of Lovers” on our New Music Friday Heat Playlist, along with tons of other bangers!


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