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AWAY & Crywolf & Roniit Tag Team On Glitchy New Masterpiece

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Launching into the stratosphere with a divine new single, AWAY, Crywolf, and Roniit mesh their production prowess to deliver their fresh new collaboration “Parasite,” out now through Night Mode.

This monstrous trio lays down a meticulous framework for their new masterpiece. “Parasite” opens out with a goosebump-raising melody, accompanied by spooky melodic vocals. Smoothly transitioning into a celestial chorus, listeners are blanketed with glitchy distorted bass and intricate synthwork. "Parasite" is for sure a perfect song for anyone who digs that extraterrestrial listening experience.

Be sure to connect with AWAY, Crywolf, and Roniit on social media to stay up to date with what they got cooking behind the scenes, and don't forget the Moon Lvnding Spotify playlist New Music Friday Heat is updated weekly to include this song and other fresh releases for your listening pleasure.


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