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Aweminus, YAKZ, & UBUR Collab is a Basshead "Party Starter"

Article by: Austin Childers

Blasting off into the world of electronic dance music, and in my opinion, the hottest and most played dubstep track of 2021 thus far is the collaborative track by Aweminus, Yakz, and Ubur many of us have been waiting for: “Party Starter.”

Since the debut Back-3-Back at the NGHTMRE Park n’ Rave event in California on Valentine’s Day 2021, this trifecta of artists has continued to “rinse” this hot tune on multiple dance floors, stages, and sound systems. Breaking numerous sound barriers and blasting exquisite eruptions, Yakz, Ubur, and Aweminus have perfected trinary sounds blending together.

“Party Starter” begins with a simple riff that holds the track together. Embedded within this anthem, listeners will notice each individual artist plays a key role in composing their own style, while also fusing sounds to keep the flow moving.

Aweminus introduces himself to the audience by staying true to his extraordinary recipe of bass. He uses high-pitch frequencies in both drops to get the crowd on their feet. Yakz keeps the party rolling by delivering a massive reverberant rattling kick sound in his segments, as well as pungent beats and throbbing blares to ensure turbulence within the crowd. Ubur adds his secret blend by dropping extended heart-pounding drum strikes. Also, his use of overpowering synth YAWPs and YOIs are a perfect combination that fit well within “Party Starter.”

With its unique characteristics and exemplary execution, “Party Starter” is exactly what the EDM community needs to get back out onto the dancefloor and headbang in unison. Having heard this piece in its live beauty at different shows, this track is going to the top of charts across the globe and will be played at festivals well into the future. Use the links below to keep up with the awesome artists responsible for this masterpiece.

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