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AWON & DVDDY Release Emotional Punk Influenced Single “Love Me” On Trap Nation Imprint

If you're a fan of all things bass music, then you've likely come across AWON or DVDDY before. Boasting releases with Subsidia, Rude Magic, and now Trap Nation’s Broke, they’re certainly next in line for your attention. “Love Me” takes all their bass music prowess, and combines it with an emotional punk energy to create such a gratifying listening experience.

“Love Me” opens with a filtered soundscape, bringing in the angsty vocals that are so endeared to the genre. The addition of gritty guitars and pounding drums pulls on the listener's nostalgia, really capturing the punk essence while keeping it new and fresh. With tension building, “Love Me” releases into a melodic drop that collides with the listener, making them want to get up and move. Rather than breaking down, “Love Me” soon builds up again. Screaming vocals accompany the thumping drums before dropping into a brutally heavy dubstep peak.

Fans are treated to one more verse and melodic drop in “Love Me” before the track fades out. This track is certain to be a head turner in the bass community. We're excited to see what comes next, and listen to "Love Me" on repeat!


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