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Baked Up Livestreaming from the Live Music Capital

Article by: Erivera Reyes 

Emerging from the heart of Texas, the Austin-based event company Baked Up has been well known for cultivating some of the world-renowned music and art culture the city is known for. This highly involved and supportive promotion company is responsible for growing the Texas capital’s electronic dance music scene, as well as helping artists put their vision on display and perform their creative music.

This weekend Baked Up will be livestreaming from The Live Music Capital of the World! Join them along with partners Hybrid Trap and Scarfetta today, Thursday September 24, as they livestream several up and coming artists in a curated event through the Baked Up twitch channel! The livestream will be broadcast from 4 to 10pm PST, and all proceeds and donations will go to the Central Kitchen For Chefs For America. Please get on board with this worthy cause and enjoy the sweet EDM.

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