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Bakermat Serves Up His Gospel Inspired Gem “Ain’t Nobody”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Coming in hot into this week’s New Music Friday, Bakermat returns with an unmatched energy on a mission to serve up some fresh new soundscapes. On this time around, Bakermat dishes out his gospel inspired track “Ain’t Nobody,” the lead single to his forthcoming studio album The Spirit that's set to release this June. “Ain’t Nobody” featuring LaShun Pace is out now through the prestigious label, Ultra Music.

Bakermat takes his fucky, innovative sound design into his latest project “Ain’t Nobody.” LaShun Pace’s soulful vocal dominates the whole track, her binding energy matches perfectly with Bakermat’s jazzy basslines. “Ain’t Nobody’s” euphoric energy is sure to leave listeners in awe. “Ain’t Nobody” is just a small taste of the bigger picture of what's to come with The Spirit.

Prepare yourselves for Bakermat’s triumphant return to the big stage in the soon to be post COVID era. Make sure to follow Bakermat to keep up with his upcoming shows this year.

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