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Bass Legend Buku Unleashes New Single “Right Here”

Article by: Ryan Hood

Bass music icon and Wakaan mainstay Buku follows up his Scorched Earth EP with “Right Here,” combining his love of modulated synths and punishing bass. This record is true to the sound Buku has curated over the years while showcasing his sound design prowess.

“Right Here” opens with a sinister modulated synth and ominous, ambiguous vocals. A techno synth takes over as the song builds to its drop. The techno sound gives way to the drop with punishing power. Like other Buku tunes, this song has incredible danceability and groove, as the bass drives the song while a subdued techno beat keeps your feet moving and grooving.

The second drop takes a slightly different approach. Rather than utilizing longer, sustained bass synths, Buku opts for shorter, punchy bass synths, giving the drop a more modern dubstep feel.

This track features the signature modular sound we love from Buku, as well as an incredibly crisp bass sound design. He has been revered for his work with modulation, as he is known to create incredibly diverse soundscapes combining modulated synths with modern bass sounds.

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