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BASSFACE Ups the Ante and Tempo with New Drum & Bass Tune “COLLIDER”

Article by: Ryan Hood

Drum & bass is finally making its rounds here in the US, as icons and newcomers alike see a growing interest in the genre. Denver-based BASSFACE strayed from his eclectic experimental bass music sound and shared his fresh take on d&b with his new single “COLLIDER.”

BASSFACE is one of underground bass music’s premiere bass patch wizards. His sound design is very recognizable, and he’s seen industry support from artists such as ATLiens, CVPTVGON, Shanghai Doom, and most recently Excision. He’s been on a tear since the start of 2022, including a collab EP with Gardella and a solo EP BIOMECHANICS on Wubaholics, plus several standalone singles.

“COLLIDER” starts with a deep, subdued intro. The intro and buildup quickly give way to a deep, rolling bassline with crisp percussion sitting perfectly atop the mix. This track stands out in BASSFACE’s discography, as he typically employs eccentric basslines in his songs. The second drop in “COLLIDER” switches to a halftime beat and a bassline that utilizes more midrange frequencies than the first, creating a natural sense of progression in the record.

BASSFACE will be making a stop in Evansville, IN next month and at The Homie Collective Campout festival in Maine in August.

Keep up with the latest from BASSFACE using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify for all the latest and greatest music from across the electronic spectrum.


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