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Bassrush AZ hits Rawhide this weekend

By: Aly Byrne

Are you ready? Can you feel it? The thump of the bass shaking the floor. It’s almost as if your heart is beating in synch with the music. Get ready to feel the wubs in your veins as you enter Arizona’s third annual Bassrush Massive AZ music festival. Kicking off the night will be locals Mike Dao and Bigstabes doing a b2b that’s about to blow your mind.

Following, we have a stacked lineup headlined by Bassrush's first-year resident, Flux Pavilion. All headbangers are welcome as Rawhide opens its doors for a night full of filthy drops, bass faces, and broken necks.

Artist highlight:


Rising from Seattle, WA, Sharps is a force to be reckoned with. He has been touring the country dropping some of the wonkiest drops around. His “Invasion EP” was released earlier this year and there isn’t a single song on it that doesn't get your bass hand going full force. With his combo of insane drops and groovy melodies you will go from dancing to jumping to headbanging in a matter of minutes. Sharps hits the stage at 6:45pm so get there early and be ready to rage. Song to listen to: “Contrast.”

Riot Ten:

Where all my headbangers at? Well Riot Ten is looking for you too! If you missed him last year at the Van Buren now is your chance to witness the Bass god himself. This Saturday we will be in front of the man who created legends like, “Rail Breaker,” “Act a Fool,” and his latest single, “All the Smoke”. Riot Ten has been doing shows all around the globe slapping fans in the face with his gnarly drops and filthy wubs. The party starts when Riot Ten enters the building at 9:45pm. Song to listen to: “Ain’t Scared.”


Hayden is a dj unlike any other. His combination of trap and bass sounds leaves every fan saying, “What the fuuuuuuuu?” And if you aren’t sure what a giant squiddim is...Herobust will be sure to introduce you. It’s been 2 years since Rawhide saw Herobust for their first annual Bassrush Massive and now he’s back again to make the ground shake. Everybody better be jumping when Herobust takes over at 10:45pm. Song to listen to: “Move Mint - VIP.”

Tickets available at:

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