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Bella Renee Speaks Out With Newly Release “Anxiety”

Article by: Grant Soffer

At just 24 years old, Bella Renee has already made major waves in the Arizona indie and electronic music scene as an incredibly talented vocalist and creative producer. With notable collaborations with ARMNHR, MitiS, REAPER, and other Arizona locals Blossom and Ekonovah, Bella has already seen great success in her young career. Fresh off of performances at some of the largest EDM festivals around, including EDC Vegas, Beyond Wonderland, and Decadence AZ, we can expect Bella to have continued growth and success in this industry for years to come.

One of the things that really sets Bella apart from other vocalists is her relentless passion and advocacy for mental health awareness. Mental health is a serious issue that many people in our scene struggle with to varying degrees. For a long time, mental health has carried an unfair negative stigma, leaving many struggling adults afraid or unwilling to talk about their struggles and seek the proper help that they need. Thanks to advocates like Bella, this stigma has slowly depreciated as people have become more willing and empowered to talk about their mental health journeys.

Bella has been incredibly vulnerable with her fanbase sharing her struggles and successes on her mental health journey through social media and of course through her music. Her latest track, “Anxiety,” is a perfect example of just that. Bella first wrote this track during one of the hardest times of her life in 2018 when she was struggling with anxiety. She was oversleeping, isolating herself from friends, and not pursuing her dream of music.

Bella says that she still struggles with anxiety to this day, but through time and effort, she has found healthy techniques to help cope with it. Bella explains, “‘Anxiety’ was the first song I ever wrote that felt real to me. I always used to say how honest I wanted to be in my music and the lyrics I write but this one was sort of outing myself in a way.”

The track itself has a calming piano melody and of course Bella’s wonderful vocals. But what really sets this track apart is the lyrics she crafted. The track opens with, “Remember when it was hard to breathe, hard to sleep, hard to speak.” This lyric is extremely relatable as Bella captures some of the common symptoms of anxiety in the first 30 seconds.

The chorus of “Anxiety took a toll on me, I know” is Bella’s way of saying: “I have anxiety, I ruined a lot of good things, friendships, left plenty of jobs, and really just lost myself, and I knew that.” The track is soft-spoken, heartwarming, and brutally honest — sure to bring a tear to your eye when you listen to it. “Anxiety” is truly one of the most heartfelt, honest, and inspiring tracks Bella has produced to date.

Bella’s words and lyrics will resonate with a significant part of our community that has struggled or is struggling with anxiety or other mental health illnesses. Bella’s vulnerability and advocacy have been inspiring for her fanbase thus far and will continue to resonate with others as she continues to grow in the scene. Follow Bella Renee on social media and streaming platforms to stay up to date with her upcoming releases and performances as this up-and-coming Arizona local grows in the scene. One can also find her new single and plenty of other new releases updated weekly by following Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Playlist!

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