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BIJOU Teams Up With Benny The Butcher for “The Players Anthem”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Solidifying himself as one of the top producers of G-House, BIJOU teams up with rapper Benny The Butcher to deliver the instant classic “The Players Anthem.” While it may not seem to make sense with BIJOU, a house music artist, and Benny The Butcher, a hip-hop artist, on the same record together, the finished product makes sense when the pieces are put together.

BIJOU delivers another club hit with “The Players Anthem,” a track combining some of his best artistic talent. Placing a combination of high-tempo 808s with a techy driving bassline, BIJOU combines them with Benny The Butcher's inspirative topline. BIJOU shares “This track goes out to all the players out there who are working every day to fulfill their dreams. I've always believed that anyone can have anything they believe in and I wanted this track to really encapsulate that feeling.”

BIJOU has found a lot of success in infiltrating the hip-hop world and coalescing the two styles of work. Bringing in Benny The Butcher to complete “The Players Anthem” was icing on the cake for BIJOU, as having him on a track is a dream come true. Connect with BIJOU and find all of his latest work with the links below, and make sure to find “The Players Anthem” in the Moon Lvnding New Music Friday and Lunar Tunes House playlists on Spotify!


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