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Delve Into a “Black Hole” with PEEKABOO

Article by: Austin Childers

Returning with his fourth single release on Wakaan Records, Matthew Lucas, better known by his stage name “Peekaboo,” takes us on a journey into his “Black Hole.” This supermassive single lures listeners in and reminds them that Peekaboo is an established Wakaan artist with his maniacal method of enhanced sound design and unnatural beat structure.

Stomping its way through darkness, “Black Hole” introduces itself in mysterious fashion. Using tranquilizing beats, hefty drum patterns, and throbbing synths throughout the entirety of the track, Peekaboo keeps the audience hypnotized to a subtle bounce, and submerges all those who fall into the void of the “Black Hole.” This will be Peekaboo’s first Wakaan release in almost two years, following his “Hands Up!” collaboration with Calcium.

Along with the new release, Peekaboo has been actively traveling across the Northern United States, designating it the Black Hole Tour. The adventure began on August 6 in Richmond, Virginia and will conclude on December 11. San Francisco, Tampa, Chicago, Montreal, and Atlanta are just a few of the major markets to be consumed by the “Black Hole.” Embarking on this spiraling journey into the ominous abyss on tour alongside Peekaboo are some friends from Wakaan’s record label: Buku, Champagne Drip, G-REX, MIZE, RAVENSCOON, SubDocta, Sully, TVBOO, and Yheti.

In my opinion, Peekaboo has never failed to deliver a track that failed to please his audience, and the release of this new sinister thriller of a tune speaks volumes about his return to the Wakaan kingdom.

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