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Black Tiger Sex Machine Brings the Doom with New Single

Article by: Jake Stevenson

Black Tiger Sex Machine teased its upcoming Futuristic Thriller EP, set to release May 27, with a live stream of its Futuristic Thriller Tour this past Saturday, showcasing its recent tour set with stunning new visuals created, filmed, and presented like a movie. It’s insane to behold and currently available on Youtube. Today, the tiger-masked trio dropped "Doomsday," a heavy track which sheds some light on the plot of the new EP.

Boasting killer vocals from Macntaj, “Doomsday” brings a foreboding soundscape with intense bass over massive drums, making it sound like a demon army of impending doom is marching towards world destruction. Forcing listeners to question their faith and humanity, the vocals are poignant and fast-paced, with a tone and intensity that calls to mind the flow of Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and the ferocity of Eminem.

Fans can really feel the dread of "Doomsday" when a dark voice rasps, "Release the demons!" before BTSM unleashes its furious bass drop. The outro continues the pervasive sense of hopelessness and despair, leaving one wanting to replay the song to find some hope, despite the feeling of doomsday approaching. Macntaj’s vocals end on a hopeful note - “Watch em rise like a phoenix, send em back where they came,” hinting that the demonic doomsday horde can be defeated.

Putting it all together, this could be BTSM’s most enthralling track to date. Its entire discography engrosses followers in its futuristic cyberpunk world, but "Doomsday" takes it to a whole new level. BTSM evolves and improves with every release, and its Futuristic Thriller project is proving to be remarkable in its scale and production. If this single is any indication, the trio’s upcoming Futuristic Thriller EP is sure to be a wild ride.

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