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Blanke Takes a Spin at GG Magree's “Nervous Habits” In New Remix Out On Dim Mak

Article by: Jason Euler

Blanke, the Australian electronic music producer, has done it once again with his killer remixes, this time taking an original by GG Magree and adding his own unique spin on the track. Coming off his latest EP, Change & Decay: The Fall, “Nervous Habits” is just another example of the consistent quality we’ve seen from Blanke and I’m sure we will continue to see for many years to come.

“Nervous Habits” showcases Blanke’s ability to rework a sound and truly put his own flare into it. The lyrics and vocal flow by Joey Fleming is done just as well on this remix as is done on the original. The subtle guitar in the background creates a vibe that works really well with the lyrics. The drop mid-song hits home and drives through the title of the track exclaiming, “you’re my nervous habit.” The play from female vocal to male vocal creates a chilling dynamic where you can feel the two styles of sound really mesh with the incredible production and vibe Blanke has plugged in.

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