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Bleu Clair Moves the Crowd with His Hit House Sound

Article by: Thomas Taylor

Pioneering Indonesian house producer Bleu Clair continues to work his magic with his latest EP, Hypnotized. After multiple successes, this fresh two-track EP releases today on Insomniac Music Group's flagship label, Insomniac Records. With this release, Bleu Clair cements his status as a producer poised to graduate to the upper echelons of the dance music world.

The title track “Hypnotized” bursts with an intoxicating drumline, and arrests your attention from the very first drop. It begins stripped down with a lo-fi feel, and then picks up energy into the magnificent first drop which bares resemblance to Bleu Clair’s summer hit “Make you Mine” which has over a million streams on Spotify. Modulated vocals and a bass house sound complete this unique song.

The second track “Looking For” really steals the show. It’s a sparsely vocalized, aggressive bass house track that absolutely mesmerizes. The second drop at two minutes destroys with a Justin Timberlake "SexyBack” sample bound to get people on their feet. This song is a testament to the grimy bass sound Bleu Clair is able to perfectly temper with his trademark house sound.

Throughout the EP, bouncy drums set the tone for this incredible release on a major label. Check out the rest of Bleu Clair’s music and keep up to date on his activities by using the links below. Be good to each other. I love you.

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