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Body Ocean Set to Make Waves With Their Latest Track “Nutrition”

Article by: Kyle Dusterhoft

Ever wonder what it feels like to dance with the crashing waves of the ocean? “Nutrition,” Body Ocean’s latest release might just help you understand what that sensation feels like. Body Ocean brings a very unique sound with this track, combining dark club energy with dance floor power.

Body Ocean continues their creation of big waves in the music industry after remixing a track for Alison Wonderland and releasing tracks through the likes of Night Bass, Mau5trap, Way Way, and now Box Of Cats. “Nutrition” is set to continue their surge, it is a track that begs to be played in clubs, and with mandates being slowly raised, “Nutrition” will make a heavy debut in 2021.

“Nutrition” swiftly grabs listeners’ attention with an ensemble of pulsating basslines and interchanging robotic-sounding male and female vocals. It all leads up to the drop, where the incorporation of hi-hats swarms the bassline and vocals. “Nutrition” is a song you’ll find yourself subconsciously bobbing your head to -- no matter where you are.

As Body Ocean continues to deliver their heavy bass nourishment for your ears, watch out for their name to pop up on flyers for upcoming events and festivals. And don’t forget to follow to keep up to date on all their upcoming work with the links below!

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