Booty Bumpin' with Sage Armstrong and Bruno Furlan

Written by: Kale White

Shady Park’s best day of the week is quickly approaching! This weekend, Sage Armstrong is going to get those booties bouncing! In 2016 he started out with AC Slater’s Night Bass label, opening for AC Slater at a few tour stops across the U.S. I was given the opportunity to be there for one of his first few Night Bass sets. Playing in a small yet intimate two story venue in Dallas, Sage Armstrong had the crowd going absolutely insane. It got so hot that the ceiling actually started to “sweat.” Everyone’s hips were going every which way, and looking back on it now, it’s fun to think that this was only my third or fourth electronic show to attend.

You’re probably wondering why booties and hips have been mentioned. If you listen to Sage Armstrong, then you get it! If you haven’t, then you should slide on over to your Spotify or Apple Music and give “Ass Out” or “SFBF” a listen. Sage is well known for incorporating his own vocals in the majority of his songs that grab your attention in the midst of all the dancing. Next thing you know you’re probably finding yourself wanting to yell “lets get weird!!!” because, friends, it’s about to get the BEST kind of weird.

Moving forward from Night Bass, Sage blasted his career off by releasing a few songs under the Dirtybird Label. The “Claude Father,” otherwise known as Claude VonStroke, wasted no time taking this baby bird under his wings. Sage was recently announced on the DirtyBird Campout West 2019 line up. I was excited to see this since it would be my 2nd time seeing him, but on a different label. Playing some originals, “What’s Yo Tempetcha?” and “She Smokin” were by far the crowd’s favorites. But a personal favorite that he dropped was “Lights Is Blue”. Also, it’s highly recommended that you check out Sage Armstrong and Claude VonStroke’s collaboration on their Birdhouse Mix #023!

Make sure you grab those tickets before they run out! It’s gonna be a beautiful booty-bumpin’ evening!