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BrunchBeatz Serves Up Bass For Breakfast With New Single “Bizcocho”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Coming through just in time for brunch, making sure everyones gets a healthy serving of bass to start the day, BrunchBeatz shows off his production prowess with his amped up new track “Bizcocho.” Out now through Electric Hawk Records.

“Bizcocho” precedes Brunch’s debut EP The Menu, set to launch listeners into the heavy bass realm on August 27th. “Bizcocho” is extremely intricate in its nature utilizing a fiery energy and mind-bending bass that's primed to get the headbangers going wild. Mixing in some insane riffs, aggressive melodies, and fitting vocal samples. Brunch really built an ear bursting experience that stands out amongst Electric Hawk’s arsenal of a roster. If you’re a fan of heavy bass be sure to give BrunchBeatz a follow and check out his upcoming EP The Menu, that's set to release at the end of this month.

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