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Buku Debut for WAKAAN is "What You See"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Open your eyes and don’t miss this mind bending new track “What You See” by Buku, as the experienced electronic music producer makes his WAKAAN debut. The popular maker of the Modular Monday Mixtape is releasing his second single of 2020 after dropping “Bounce by the Ounce” early this year.

Buku gives a futuristic feel to the vision of his self-made mantra “what you see when you close your eyes.” From the pulsating energetic build-up and the chanting of the lyrics, through to the wild robotic roar of the drop, “What You See” challenges listeners to imagine what it sounds like when they close their eyes. Buku shows a deft touch balancing his silky vocals and the driving bass in his WAKAAN debut, and his simple sample of “What?” really drives home the point of asking a question instead of offering a clear answer.

Buku’s signature warped sound has been formed over years of experience, from festival stages like Lost Lands and Hulaween to the creative spaces back in his hometown of Pittsburgh, and it truly shines in his latest work of art. Keep up to date with all his tasty social shenanigans, give him a follow using the links below, and be sure to check out Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist updated weekly for Spotify.

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