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BUKU Pops Off With His Fresh “What You See” EP

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

An EDM industry favorite, Buku has quickly become a household name in modern bass music. The Pittsburgh-based musician brings his passion for warped, out-of-this-world bass into this week's new music Friday with his new EP What You See, out now via WAKAAN

The three-track EP is chock-full of mutated sound design, breakneck transitions, and heavy hitting patchwork synths that drive this heavyweight listening experience to an extraterrestrial level. Transporting into the realm of What You See, glitchy bass and advanced sound design guide you through the wicked title track. Cranking up the distortion for the second song, “Uh Huh” displays raw sonic destruction through its thunderous basslines. Concluding this gritty EP, “Pinky Fingaz” ends the record on an amped up note fueled with chaotic basslines and breakneck oscillations. Check out the What You See EP below.

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