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Camp Kulabunga - But Make It Wintry

Article by: Sam Wolloch

GRiZ and friends are back with good news to start the new year - Camp Kulabunga will debut a virtual winter retreat set to take place February 20-21. Similar to last summer’s first virtual version of Camp Kulabunga, the wellness retreat will offer fans and friends a chance to connect and find a sense of community, self-empowerment, and radical inclusion through livestream and off-screen activities. As this retreat will take place via Zoom, the Winter Virtual Kulabunga will be able to accommodate as many applicants as received from all around the world, and you can register for tickets here.

Virtual Kulabunga runs from 9am to 10pm EST February 20-21, and is jam packed with awesome workshops and activities such as creative writing with GRiZ, mindful movement, holistic fitness, expressive arts, body rhythm, guided meditation and more. GRiZ and his VKB team have lined up innovative thought leaders to run workshops like spiritual mindset coach Tori Washington, radical spiritual guide and dance expression specialist Sah D'Simone, spiritual mentor and yoga/mediation expert Samantha Mee, motivational keynote speaker and certified Alo Moves fitness instructor Jacy Cunningham, and Wim Hof Method trainer Jesse Coomer as just some of the workshop headliners. In addition to workshops, tickets for VKB will also include an air-mailed care package with exclusive weekend supplies, and GRiZ also shared there are bonus perks for early-bird signups as well as attendees of the 2020 VKB.

Since inception in 2018, Camp Kulabunga has been a safe space for members of all communities, striving to create a diverse and welcoming experience unlike any other. VKB’s at-home experience will provide participants the opportunity to turn their personal spaces into an environment of creativity, reflection, and growth to foster a more meaningful and purposeful start to 2021. All registrants will receive a physical care package from GRiZ and the Kulabunga team, which includes a guided weekend workbook, art supplies, workshop engagement tools, off-screen activity resources, and limited edition merch. This is a wellness retreat not to be missed, so use the handy links below to follow along, get more info, and sign up for tickets.

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