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“Can’t Say No” to No Mana and Tommy Trash’s Electrifying New Song

Article By: Kate Nelson

No Mana and Tommy Trash have teamed up again to show that electro house isn’t dead. In fact, it’s revival is just getting started with their new track, “Can’t Say No”.

Reminiscent of old school Chromeo, the song leads off an upcoming album self-described by No Mana as a “headache (excuse the vaccine) of a compilation.” If, as a middle/high schooler, you developed a superiority complex the size of the sun because you listened to Miike Snow and MGMT instead of Justin Bieber like your peers, this track will definitely reinstate your god complex for at least it’s four minute duration.

Funky synths and killer distortions are introduced by the question “What did I miss last night?” asked by none other than Tommy Trash himself. Certainly not missed was a killer beat melted effortlessly with Tommy Trash’s iconic vocals, rounding out an absolute summer banger.

“Can’t Say No” is out today on Mau5trap, a label No Mana has been climbing up since 2015 after being discovered by Deadmau5 himself, and his success there is definitely not a phase, Mom. Grammy-nominated Tommy Trash is also blazing trails yet again after taking a brief break. The two bring raw talent and eclectic sound on this track.

Check out “Can’t Say No” and more on our New Music Friday playlist.

Connect With No Mana: Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect With Tommy Trash: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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