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Casey Jones Channels Pizza Power on New EP

Article by: Sam Wolloch

The pizza-loving, heavy house producer Casey Jones impresses again with his hellish sound this Halloween, dropping his four-track EP Violent World. The Las Vegas-based artist is building on his Hell House Tour of 2019 with big plans for 2020 and beyond, earning support from dubstep and electro labels like Buygore, Nightenjin, and 40oz Cult, who was a sponsor of Moon Lvnding’s ORBIT charity stream last May.

Violent World is action-packed and brimming with catchy bass beats. Right from the start of the first track, Casey Jones embraces the spooky season vibes of Halloween with a dark gothic intro and countdown. And then, like some kind of “Speed Demon,” the song opens up with a bumping bassline to get the energy flowing. The second song is the EP’s title track, “Violent World,” and features haunting hardcore vocals from BVLVNCE, who kill, kill, kills it. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, metal guitar riffs and aggressive emo lyrics take this track to the next level, as Casey Jones completes this collab with fierce grinding synths. Don't forget to check out the music video premiering today as well.

Shreds,” the third song on the EP, is loaded with references to the famous cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from which the hockey mask-wearing Casey Jones gets his name. An ode to the evil head honcho Shredder and his alien ally Krang, the song’s vocal sample makes reference to The Technodrome, which is not some hip dance music venue, but rather Krang’s mobile fortress and home to the faithful foot soldier army. The beat is a throwback to the heyday of TMNT, with a driving drum and bass sound reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s, and certainly speaks to the violent and heavy feel of the album.

Saving the best for last, Casey Jones finishes off the EP with “Shipwreck.” The song opens up with some eerie chanting and then works into the most dubstep of drops on the new release. The building soundscape in the background is smartly produced, a testament to the well-rounded skills of the artist to bridge genres like electro house, drum and bass, metal, and dubstep to great success.

Despite the harsh reality of the album's title, there is a lot to like about Violent World. Casey Jones displays an impressive amount of production versatility on the four-track, 15-minute EP, and makes it easy to see why he has earned support from EDM tastemakers like Excision, Carnage, and Ghastly. Whether it's a return trip to Bass Canyon in 2021, new shows and venues added to his Hell House Tour, or tasty new merch drops, keep up to date with all the latest from Casey Jones by linking with the socials and streaming services below.

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