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Champagne Drip Leads a 'Champagne Trip' with Latest EP on Wakaan!

Article by: Ryan Hood

Ahead of a headlining tour with over 50 dates, Wakaan mainstay Champagne Drip has released his dazzling new EP, Champagne Trip, showcasing his signature blend of punishing bass and melodic, atmospheric ballads.

This EP perfectly captures the dichotomy of the Champagne Drip project. Records like “Slam” and “In My Dreamz” exquisitely blend gorgeous textures and gut-punching bass.

Champagne Trip comes out swinging with “Initiate,” arguably the heaviest record on the EP. Utilizing an almost analog-sounding topline in its build, the drop initiates us into the EP by introducing an incredibly heavy bass lead. Varying between stabs and sustained bass synths, punctuated by floating FX, this track perfectly captures the controlled chaos Champagne Drip can unleash.

“In My Dreamz” with vocalist Linney is the lead single for the EP. The vocals in this track are perfectly mixed with a low melodic bass lead. FX and harmonic backing vocals persist throughout the track, giving it an out-of-this-world feeling.

“Acid Drop” challenges “Initiate” for the EP's heaviest record. Introducing the sinister bass as the song builds, this track utilizes a more traditional dubstep percussion pattern placing intense emphasis on the punishing snare drum. In the bridge, Champagne Drip adds a distant wailing vocal track, giving the song an even more ominous feel.

“Slam” is an expertly-produced record, showcasing one of Champagne Drip’s signature sustained basses, punctuated with analog synths reminiscent of a 303. The lead and bridge use a heavily distorted and angelic vocal track before giving way to the low bass as the song builds. Despite the difference in artistic style, the lead and drop complement each other perfectly.

Last, and most certainly not least, is “Technosexual,” and yes, it is EXACTLY what you’re thinking. “Technosexual” begins with a traditional techno beat, which eventually fades as a punishing halftime dubstep drum pattern and aggressive bass synth take over. The tune then quickly shifts back to its original techno beat with some added FX. This is an incredibly fun record that blends two genres that typically see very little overlap. This is surely one that will set the dance floor ablaze on his upcoming tour.

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