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Chark and Mahsiv Team Up For New Halftime Single “Redeemer,” out now on Wavecraft Collective

Article by: Ryan Hood

Wavecraft Collective has taken 2022 by storm. Week after week, their releases are some of the best the underground has to offer. Their roster is making waves in the scene as they curate distinct audio and visual identities. Next up from the imprint is Chark and Mahsiv’s gritty, punishing halftime single “Redeemer.”

An alarm-like melody sets the tone for the track. The bassline quickly takes over, employing a similar tune but much lower in the sound spectrum. Despite being heavily distorted and complex, the bassline maintains an incredible groove. The percussion in the drop is fine-tuned, cutting through the bass to deliver even more punch. This song will be testing the capabilities of every sound system it encounters.

Chark specializes in the most sinister of sounds, harking back to classic sludgestep and doomstep sounds while adding his own twist. Wicked, deep, and warped basslines are staples of Chark tunes, and “Redeemer” is no exception. Mahsiv is off to an incredibly hot start this calendar year, having already released two drum & bass tracks. These two artists are both important names to watch on the Wavecraft roster as they further develop their unique sounds.

Keep up with the latest from Chark and Mahsiv using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify for all the latest and greatest electronic music releases every week.

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