Cheat Codes Reach New Highs with Heaven

Article by: Matt Garcia

Cheat Codes released a new single this past week, marking their third single drop in 2020, in addition to a set of remixes. The Los Angeles based dance music trio recently released “Heaven” on the backs of “On My Life” and “No Service In The Hills” earlier this year. All these new tunes are gearing up for the trio's upcoming debut full length album.

Their new feel good track titled “Heaven” once again features signature vocals from Trevor Dahl. The track starts slowly and builds as it gets closer to the chorus. The lyrical genius of the track focuses on the feeling you get when you’re with that certain special person in your life. The dance vibes of the song are created by using upbeat percussion under a great piano melody. When the chorus hits, the track picks up and brings in synth stabs with the underlying vocal samples. These repeat throughout the song to its vibrant close, cutting out after the second chorus picks up.

Cheat Codes have grown increasingly busy in recent times, taking part in a mini-movie written by actress Bella Thorne, “No Service In The Hills.” Their single with the same name increased the hype surrounding the trio’s 3-part album. They revealed the expected release to be sometime in early 2021, so keep your eyes open for more news on the debut 3-part album in the coming months.

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