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Chee Cranks The Bass With His New Single “Turn Up”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Popping back on the charts, the highly acclaimed beatmaker, and sound engineer Chee gets right with his new single “Turn Up.” Out now on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats.

Chee’s extremely innovative sound has sparked a movement within the realm of bass music, inspiring producers to work outside the box. Nothing is too weird in 2021 am I right?

“I was elated to have my good friend African Ginger work on the art for Turn Up and later have the opportunity to work with him on the final EP art. I wanted the recurring theme to be a feeling of restraint & the need to escape, but partially being paralyzed by one's own mind. The process of overanalyzing, causing one to freeze and be a prisoner of their own thoughts. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, especially after this last year, and I feel the art does the perfect job portraying that internal conflict a lot of us face daily.” - Chee

“Turn Up” showcases Chee at his very best, his heavy bass thumper indicates a direction where bass music can go. Sinister displays of otherworldly sound elements dominate this listening experience. Utilizing an array of glitchy notes and slapping vocal samples to aid in this instense head bangers anthem.

Be sure to keep up with Chee using the links below, and keep an eye out for his upcoming Paralysis Analysis EP set to release later this month.

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