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Chef Boyarbeatz Makes Thunderous Deep, Dark, And Dangerous Debut With ‘The Power Of Sound’ EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

All eyes in the bass music community should be focused on Chef Boyarbeatz. The LA-based producer is one of the faces of the new wave of classic American dubstep producers. The Power Of Sound is Chef’s first EP in almost two years and makes quite a powerful statement.

His first EP on Truth’s esteemed Deep, Dark, and Dangerous label, The Power Of Sound displays outstanding technical proficiency, tight drums, and incredible rhythm. The hype for some of these dubplates cannot be understated, as countless DJs have rinsed out these tunes to rabid crowds.

The EP’s most prominent single “Steady Slurkin’” is one of the most highly-anticipated dubplates in recent memory. It’s been impossible to go to a bass music festival recently without hearing DJs rinsing this heater. Iconic dubstep trio Ternion Sound rinsed a blend of “Steady Slurkin’” and “Night” by Benga and Coki at its Define Everything Global show and a clip of the blend made the rounds on social media.

This built up even more hype — the track is the ultimate test for sound systems as the deep bassline enraptures crowds. The bass is so dialed in, that it’ll have fans going feral when they hear it rumbling through the speakers. The EP’s eponymous opening tune delivers a wicked soundscape prominent in many of Chef’s beats. This track’s bassline is much more variable than the songs on the rest of the EP, showcasing Chef’s sound design prowess.

“Cruise Control” uses more topline FX and explores some otherworldly sounds as Chef takes listeners on a galactic journey. Despite relying on bass-dominant lead melodies, Chef paints magnificent soundscapes anybody can get lost in. Last up on the EP is “Signal Dub,” which fittingly signals the producer’s major breakout.

This track is more minimalistic than the rest of the EP, while still being delightfully sinister. The fluttering bassline perfectly fills the space between the laid-back percussive hits. Overall this EP is a fantastic glimpse into the present and limitless future of the Chef Boyarbeatz project. These are tunes one will be hearing at festivals and in DJ sets for years to come.

Chef Boyarbeatz is one of bass music’s most intriguing names to follow. Several noteworthy DJs have rinsed his unreleased tunes as he starts to get more shows under his belt, including a recent tour with fellow American 140 artist leet. Chef will be decimating Sound Haven the weekend of his EP’s release and he is scheduled to test the limits of sound at Vibey Desert in Southern California in September.

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