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CloZee Unleashes Her Multidimensional LP Neon Jungle

Story By: Trevor Di Carlo

Renowned French producer CloZee, who specializes in world bass and cultured sounds, soars into this #NewMusicFriday with her transcendent LP Neon Jungle.  Known for overcoming the geographical barriers of dance music by curating her sound to resonate with people around the world, CloZee harnesses the love from crowds across the US and overseas at events including Coachella in 2019, as well as France, India, and Australia. 

CloZee opens the LP with the glistening track “Mirage,” a great start to the release with its subtly smooth sound, drawing listeners with its fluid bass and electrifying melody. Displaying just a taste of CloZee’s production power, “Mirage” serves to tease what’s to follow on the Neon Jungle listening experience.

Neon Jungle Tracklist

01. CloZee - Mirage

02. CloZee - Neon Jungle

03. CloZee - Us (ft. The Kite String Tangle)

04. CloZee - Winter Is Coming

05. CloZee - Air (ft. Sauvane)

06. CloZee & 9 Theory - Nuages

07. CloZee - Heya

08. CloZee - Long Live The Chill (ft. Sir Bishop)

09. CloZee - Amazonia

10. CloZee - Perfect

CloZee has already released a powerful French hip-hop-fueled electronic single “Our Voices,” and a sonic bass collaboration with Opiuo called “Bam Bam” so far this year. Gearing up for a bigger finish to 2020 after much anticipation, CloZee proudly unveils her musically diverse masterpiece Neon Jungle for listeners around the world to enjoy.

Jumping into the more vocal driven portion of this LP, with exquisite tracks “Us” (Featuring The Kite String Tangle), “Air” (Featuring Sauvane), and “Long Live The Chills” (Featuring Sir Bishop), CloZee meticulously weaves her sonic beats and extraterrestrial rhythms around the lead vocals to increase the overall impactfulness of each track. “Long Live The Chills” stands out in particular, being the only track on the LP that is driven by slick hip-hop vocals. As Sir Bishop lays it down in synchronicity, CloZee supports him with a groovy guitar melody and an infectious bassline that encourages listeners to embrace their chill even in a time of confusion and angst. 

Now venturing to explore the more tribal side of the Neon Jungle with tracks like “Winter Is Coming,” “Amazonia,” and “Perfect," CloZee embraces a multitude of methods to develop melodically tribal bass sounding music. Looking at “Winter Is Coming,” CloZee opens things up with soft strings, then proceeds to throw down a hard hitting bassline for the chorus, intertwined with chanting vocal samples to add to the tribal theme for this portion of the release.

Neon Jungle in its entirety displays the multicultural diversity of CloZee’s fine tuned production skills, leading fans through a transcendent listening experience, ranging from melodic tunes to riveting bass tracks. For a visual experience, check out the virtual reality video Android Jones created in collaboration with Microdose VR. The special 3D rendition they crafted is truly breathtaking and a feat of modern graphic design capabilities. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for CloZee this year as she shares her myriad musical styles of danceable tunes for all to enjoy.

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