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Colson XL & ero808 Shooting for the Stars with 'Dreamgirl' EP

Article by: Sam Wolloch

Two rising stars in future dance music, Colson XL and ero808 work wonderfully together on outstanding emotional EP Dreamgirl. The six-track EP dropped August 26 and features bright basslines, moving melodies, and alluring vocals.

Long-time friends Cole and Harrison teamed up to form Colson XL, with a mission to create a fresh blend of future trap and bass with beautifully distorted melodies and high-energy vocal chops. ero808 also writes music, produces electronica, and supplies the sublime vocals to bring Dreamgirl to life.

Colson XL photo credit: @kcmerollintheyhatin

The EP starts with the title track and sets the stage for an inviting and evocative album. The songs and interludes follow thoughtfully and effortlessly with the producers’ prowess on full display. “We wanted to chronicle an emotional descent due to a toxic relationship and capture all the nuances that come with this,” shared Colson XL. “As the songs change lyrically we wanted the production style to change as well and become darker.” Mission accomplished!

ero808 opined, “Music is a very subconscious art-form. It’s a language that can be used to describe emotions other languages cannot... The only goal is to capture something real; something universal.” Dreamgirl definitely provides a range of emotions over the course of a relationship with meaningful lyrics and inspiring soundscapes.

The combination of Colson XL and ero808 shows undeniable chemistry, impeccable flow and a wealth of emotion. Their masterful EP Dreamgirl is a tasteful journey of delicate emotions brought alive by futuristic bass music. Check out more of these rising stars by using the links below.

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