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Cristina Soto Revisits “Painted White” With New Acoustic Rendition

Article by: Matt Garcia

Based out of Austin, Texas, Cristina Soto has had a lot of varying success as a cross-genre singer and songwriter. Largely known for her EDM performances, she is the original vocalist for Tritonal. She returns to a classic from 2015 with this stellar project, an acoustic rendition of “Painted White.”

Soto uses her singing prowess once again to soften the vocals of the track, while implementing the use of light piano and guitar. The song turns the original dubstep driven track into a light hearted ballad. Her ethereal vocals bring this 2015 number back to life in a new melodic downtempo style.

Illenium and Said The Sky enlisted Soto in 2015 for her vocals that created a progressive trans sound to the dubstep mix. Soto expressed that “‘Painted White’ stemmed from observing worldly conflict and bringing it down to a deeply interpersonal point of view.” The independent release is set for this New Music Friday and is a chill switch up for anyone to listen to.

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