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CSNDZ Creates An “Electric Escape”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

CSNDZ is an up-and-coming hard dance producer from Southern California’s Inland Empire. We first heard of CSNDZ through Tye GuysLive Fast Dye Hard compilation in 2021 that I reviewed for Moon Lvnding. Today CSNDZ is back with his latest self-release, “Electric Escape,” a high-energy happy hardcore track.

CSNDZ started producing music back in 2015, but back then he went by the name Cota Sounds. He shortened and simplified it by combining the two words into CSNDZ in 2017. He first got into making hard dance music because of the reverse bass sound, sharing that “the concept of just reversing a bass sound and mixing it with a kick blew my mind and I fell in love with it.”

On “Electric Escape” CSNDZ wastes no time building up and jumps right in. The vibey bassline is accentuated by punchy four-on-the-floor kicks, high hats, and drum fills. The uplifting synths and higher BPM paired with the vocals and risers create an energy that gets your body moving. According to CSNDZ, “This song is all about breaking free from our daily routines and escaping into a world of joy and positivity.”

There is a small trap-style cymbal breakdown at the end of each drop, a nod to CSNDZ's usual style. The last part of the track is a little different from the rest, as the bassline has a bit more of a growl to it and the drum fills get more attention before coming to a close.

We’re excited to see how CSNDZ continues to grow in the hard dance scene. Be sure to give him a follow and listen to his other tracks by using the links below. Listen to the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week by following Moon Lnvding’s New Music Heat Friday playlist on Spotify.


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